Hear What These Leaders Have To Say:

"This is the most meaningful work I've encountered both professionally, and personally. I now realize that the two sides are one in the same. They both start and end with me." 

Melanie Plaksin, VP of Market Growth, DispatchHealth

“There is a well established world of coaching that does great things for people, but what Ty offers is different. Ty embodies what’s possible from the next generation of coaching. It’s the deep work that leaders actually need.”

Quinn McLaughlin, CTO, BetterManager

"Working with Ty has been extremely valuable in helping break down complex problems and bring clarity to the various challenges I face. From personal challenges to leadership guidance, Ty has helped me grow and develop as a leader."

Luke Fenney, VP Publisher Sales, Index Exchange

"Working with Ty created incredible shifts in myself and my relationships. It has given me permission to commit to myself and what I need and deserve, and I am more connected to and aware of who I truly am in the world because of our work together"

Cati Magee, Director of Design, Practice Fusion

Hear About The True Leadership Approach:

"The transformation I’ve experienced through my work with Ty has been incredible, and feels permanent. I recommend him to anyone that is really committed to developing not just as a leader at work, but in life"

Lindsey Fielding, VP of Marketing and Growth, YieldStreet

"Ty is a uniquely talented coach who listens for the heart of the matter. I find myself more capable and confident to stay present and lead effectively in all areas of my life because of the work we’ve done together."

Michael Kebbekus, Head of Customer Platform, Zipline

"Ty's coaching is a reflection of the deep work he has done himself. His approach is truly unique - at first I wasn't clear on how it would work, but with hindsight and seeing the results first hand - it's brilliant!"

Adam Huda, Sr. Engineering Manager, Uber

"Working with Ty has truly been life changing!! I have been developing and flourishing in a way I never thought possible from our work together."

Grace Kelly, Owner & Founder, GK Entertainment